Kẻ Xâm Lược - Kẻ Xâm Lược

Kẻ Xâm Lược - Kẻ Xâm Lược

Thể loạiHành Động, Viễn Tưởng

Đạo diễnPaul Ziller

Diễn viênKavan Smith, Colby Johannson, Nicole de Boer

Nhà sản xuấtSyfy Presents

Năm phát hành2011

Thời lượng98 Phút

Chất lượngHD

Quốc giaPhim Mỹ

Lượt xem1,133 lượt

Nội dung phim : Kẻ Xâm Lược

Nội dung Phim Kẻ Xâm Lược - Iron Invader Brothers Jake and Ethan witness something crashing to earth and discover that it is a satellite of some kind. Being broke, they collect it and sell it to the local scrap dealer, Earl. Earl, meanwhile, has built an 18 foot "Golem" out of scrap iron to be used in the local town parade. The satellite is infected with some type of space bacteria which feeds on metal and also causes said metal to become animated. The result is that the Golem becomes infected, comes alive, and begins killing people by sucking the metals from their body with just a touch. Jake must find a way to defeat the Golem and save the town

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